Warranty & Returns

Carriage Works Accessories, Inc.
Limited Warranty / Returns Policy
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Returns Policy:
Carriage Works Accessories, Inc. warrants the satisfaction of all products we sell and strive to offer only the highest quality products available.

Products are guaranteed to be free of defects due to workmanship and/or material, under normal use and when used for their intended purpose.

Any product deemed not satisfactory, must be returned within 30 days of delivery of the product and returned in new condition, which includes the original packaging, parts/hardware and "Proof of Purchase" paperwork. Orders received in "As New" condition will receive the appropriate Refund minus shipping costs and Restocking Fees.

Carriage Works Accessories, Inc. will not accept used product, or product that may be altered or modified either mechanically or by appearance such as painting.

NOTE: Overseas (International) orders will only be offered as an exchange, and only if the product is defective.  Carriage Works Accessories, Inc. will not accept returns for cosmetic defects after the product has been installed.  Transfer of ownership of product by original purchaser, voids any warranty claims.

All returned product MUST have a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA#) number that has been approved by Carriage Works Accessories, Inc. prior to the products return. The (RGA#) must be clearly printed on the outside of the returned box, to insure acceptance of the shipment. To receive an authorized (RGA#) please call Carriage Works Accessories, Inc.'s Customer Service department. All items must be returned by the original purchaser, supplied with the Customers Name, Address, method of contact and a copy of the original purchase order.

Shipments that do not meet the Returns Procedure will be subject to a 20% restocking fee, and/or rejected for "Return to Sender".

Defective Product:
Defective product must be returned to Carriage Works Accessories, Inc. after receiving an approved RGA# and it must be returned within 30 days of the RGA# issuance.

The "Reason for Return" must be identified at the time of the RGA# request. If determined the Reason for Return is product received that WAS NOT "As New", Carriage Works Accessories, Inc. will issue a return freight order to have the product returned for review & disposition.

Carriage Works Accessories, Inc . will review all defective returns for final disposition. If a warranty is issued, a replacement item will be returned or credit will be issued to your account. If credit is issued, it will include the part cost only. If it is determined that the part was not defective, the credit will be the part cost minus the return freight and a 20% Restocking Fee.

PLEASE NOTE: If the product received is missing hardware items or instructions, please contact Carriage Works Accessories, Inc for replacement hardware that will save both time and money for all parties.

Carriage Works Accessories, Inc does not reimburse for any labor charges for installation time or damage that occurs as the result of installation under any circumstances.  Warranty will not be issued for any items found to be subjected to "destructive damage" including; lack of care, chemical damage, or exposure to salt/water effects.  Any product returned that is not sold by Carriage Works Accessories, Inc, will be rejected and returned at the sender's expense.

Restocking Fees:
A 20% restocking fee will apply to returns in the following categories:

Returned product received without an approved Return Goods Authorization number (RGA#).  Product returned must have an approved RGA# and it must be clearly marked on the outside of returned box.

Product orders placed for incorrect vehicle applications, including vehicle year and model trim level.  Vehicle manufacturers make ongoing enhancements and model changeovers, whereby the interchangeability from year to year is not guaranteed. Ordering an item not specifically designed for your application, will be done at your risk and will be subjected to a restocking fee if returned.

Carriage Works Accessories, Inc. will inspect all item(s) returned with a RGA #, for final disposition and credit allowance. Full product credit (shipping costs not included) will only be issued, if the following criterion is met:

The product must be returned in "As New Condition".  The returned product must be in a As New Condition that must include; all product pieces, installation hardware and instructions, protecting wrapping or packaging and paperwork from the original order.

Clear and Proper identification of the Returned Goods Authorization number (RGA#).  Product returned without proper RGA# identification will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. For more information regarding receiving the proper RGA#, see the information above.

Approved credits will be issued back against the credit card originally used to place the order. The amount of credit will be the purchase price of the item and the appropriate sales tax, but will exclude all shipping costs.

Please allow 5-7 business days after Final Disposition, for credit issuance to your account.

NOTE: If an item is NOT returned in "As New Condition", or does not otherwise meet all return conditions, credit or replacement products may not be issued to you and the product will be returned back to sender as received.

Exchanges / Replacements:
Products eligible for exchange or replacement must adhere to all return conditions previously defined for credits. 

Replacement items will be shipped after processing of the returned items. Please allow 5-10 business days to process the replacements items after returned to Carriage Works Accessories, Inc.

Expedited replacements may also be processed by first placing a separate order on our website, whereby allowing for the 5-10 business days for processing the return. Expedited shipping will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Replacement items are subject to a 20% restocking fee if not returned with an approved RGA# and proper identification information.

Shipping / Freight:
Carriage Works Accessories, Inc. will offer Free Shipping on select items. Items will be shipped by the "Least Cost" method, typically by standard ground service as determined by shipper. If Expedited shipping is required, it will be the responsibility of the buyer to request and pay the additional cost. Additionally, product deemed "Oversize" will not be eligible for free shipping. Call Carriage Works Accessories, Inc for a Freight Quote for those items and specifics. Free Shipping does not apply to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or International orders.